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Guided Math- My Process!

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Guided Math, Independent Practice, Technology are my 3 rotations!

Partner Math Work for Guided Math

Guided Math Group- This is where the bulk of my teaching takes place. It also allows me to remediate as needed. I start this group off with a lesson on the standard they are currently on. As I go, I do quick formative assessments and as a student understands the concept they can work on the workbook page that correlates. The kids work out of the smaller Go Math book (Practice Book) in my group. As soon as a student understands what I taught they can move on so even within each group sometimes they were in different places but I did monitor how far they went ahead. I am constantly checking the workbook pages as kids finish. Sometimes I just check portions of the page if I can see they understand the concept. I don’t want them to start a new concept without my help and until I know they are ready. I also check their workbook pages as they finish one. If they get stuck and need my help but I am busy they can flip to the back and do the spiral review or I find a peer that mastered the concept and let them be a peer mentor (you must teach them how to teach and not just do the work for the other person). The mid-checkpoint (from the Big Book) is an essential component to monitor progress for me. This is collected as a grade, but it is also a chance for me to see if they understand what they learned. If they need remediation it comes from the Big Go Math Book. I walk them through extra problems until they were ready to move on. At the end of the chapter I use the review (in the small book) to help ensure they are ready for the test but I don’t have them complete EVERY problem. I have them do two or three from each section and then I use the rest as remediation if they need it. Once I think they are ready they can take the Review/test (from the Big Book). They know this starts with vocabulary so I give them time to practice the words before the test.

Guided Math in Math Rotations

It is essential to monitor where each student is and how they are progressing. Since the whole class might not be doing the same thing you need to be on top of this. I keep a checklist of mid-chapter tests and end of the chapter tests to help me. If a student or group is falling way behind I look at the essential standards and make sure they master the basics and then have them move on. For example, my lowest kids will learn about division and be exposed to long division, but it isn’t a focus for me.

Math Task Cards for Independent Math Rotations

Independent Work- When students leave my group they know what work should be completed or at least worked on before they return to me the next day. They complete this in the Independent Center. I also have a set of task cards out so that students who are done can practice other skills. Sometimes the task cards are just a review skill and sometimes they are on the standard being taught. Find a way to hold them accountable for their independent work. If they are doing task cards I have them ask a friend to check them. If they are working in the workbook I check them when they return to my group.

Technology- I have the students use I-Ready and (the free version). They tend to get bored with I-Ready, so I have them track their usage and after 45 minutes/week they can start using Freckle. They love this site. It starts with diagnostic tests in each Math Concept and then prepares a path for the students. It has a suggested area for each student to work based on the area they scored lowest in. I changed up how I monitor them by printing weekly reports and comparing week to week, but the way the program sets it up is great too. I just found that students are more likely to truly work and show progress if they know they must come to see me see what progress they make and how their time is spent on the program. I give rewards when they increase a level and/or complete over 100 problems. I started using this program without doing the tracking myself and it works great that way too! For my lowest group I try and have videos they can watch too if they need extra help. I have them watch these videos during independent time or technology depending on the needs. Here is one video that I use in my classroom! I don't make all of my own videos, but when I do I use or (there are a lot of platforms you can use or you can just search for videos on the topic!


Disclaimer: My math rotations didn’t form overnight. It took time to figure out what worked for me. some people have tried to copy my method and weren’t successful because they didn’t make it their own. Many people have taken the ideas and ran with it, which helped them show great success. I also have had classes that needed me to change my processes based on behaviors and other situations, but I have never gone back to teaching whole group. The links provided are just things I have used and merely suggestions. Please take the time to find what works for you in your classroom with your students!



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