Differentiate your Math Fluency Practice

Updated: Mar 23

Math Fact Fluency Practice

I remember learning math facts and practicing math fluency each year. I started learning addition, then shortly after subtraction, multiplication, and finally division. I enjoyed learning math facts and I know it helped me in all of my math classes (and probably in everyday life too!). Now, I am finding that fewer and fewer kids know their math facts fluently. Some people may say that math facts don’t need to be memorized and kids need to just understand numbers. I agree that we need to teach kids to understand numbers but I still find it beneficial to teach the basic facts. One thing I disagree with is putting pressure on students to memorize one set of facts a week. Just like in all of my lessons, I truly differentiate teaching math facts. I am going to be discussing how I teach math fluency for multiplication or division BUT this same method works for addition and subtraction.

Get kids excited about learning math facts and let them track their progress. This builds them up to be successful!