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  • $25 Logo Design

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  • $30 Animated Banners

  • $15 Banners

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  • $25 for 15 Photos 

  • $15 for 8 Photos 

  • $10 for 4 Photos 

Prices are per resource and additional charges may be discussed if special props or other items are needed.

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  • $20 for 5 Animated & Stationary Images

  • $25 for Video Posts

*Ask about product bundle prices.

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  • $25 for Custom Templates 

  • $10 for Cover Updates

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Virtual Assistant Services Provided For TPT Sellers6.jpg
  • $20 Stop Motion or

      Time Lapse Videos

*Ask about product bundle discounts

Virtual Assistant Services Provided For TPT Sellers9.jpg

  • $20 for 5 Pins of One Resource

      (5 stationary and 5 animated)

  • $25 for 5 Pin Templates

  • $40 for Pins with Product Video

  • $40 for Pins with Product Photos

*Ask about product bundle prices.

  • $10 with Template Provided (<50 cards)

  • $20 with Template Provided (>50 cards)

  • $30 Custom Creation (<50 cards)

  • $40 Custom Creation (>50 cards)

*Prices are per Boom Deck

Click on any cover to preview the Boom Card™ deck. This is just a small sample of our Boom Card™ Creations.

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Prices will be discussed for all miscellaneous services depending on the project. ​Hourly projects can be purchased for $30/hour (hourly payments may vary depending on job requested).

  • Product Creation

  • Product Updates

  • TPT Store Start Up Services

  • TPT One on One Coaching

All services will be completed within a week unless stated otherwise.  Turn around time can vary by project and workload. Ongoing monthly agreements can be made with agreed upon payments and deadlines. 50% of payment will be collected prior to the project and 50% at completion. All work samples can be used to help advertise for our VA services and when used on IG the person will be tagged to give credit. Product creation and updates remain sole property of the client requesting services.

For questions and concerns email if something on the site is not working or have general questions.

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