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This reading paired passages test prep and text based writing resource is perfect for helping students with paired passages, writing, and preparing for state wide tests such as FSA. It is focused on FSA text based Writing and Reading and will work with may different types of Text Based Writing with informational and opinion prompts. Other states also teach text based writing such as: OAA in Ohio, RISE in Utah, AzMerit in Arizona, and PARCC in New Jersey.  Check out my FREE product to see if this works for your state standards! 


These resources will save you time when planning for writing lessons!



  • Teacher Tips
  • Labor Day Passage
  • September 11th Passage
  • 2 Prompts
  • Planning Sheet
  • Writing Papers
  • Scoring Sheets
  • Scoring Guidelines
  • Reading Comprehension Questions (Test Format)
  • Digital Writing Option
  • Digital Reading Option


The video preview includes resources from the Writing Guide too! 


September 11th and Labor Day Paired Passages | Reading and Writing

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