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Are you looking for guided writing lessons to help prepare your students for FSA Writing OR any text based writing activities? This resource covers reading prompts, planning, writing introductions, writing body paragraphs, and writing conclusions for writing opinion and informational essays. Other states also teach text based writing such as: OAA in Ohio, RISE in Utah, AzMerit in Arizona, and PARCC in New Jersey.  



  • Paired Passages (Should You Own a Pet, Owning a Dog, Cute Cuddly Cats)
  • 2 Prompts- 1 Opinion and 1 Informational
  • Posters/Journal Entries (Also included in other Writing Resources and Guided Lessons Set 1)
  • Practice Worksheet for Reading Prompts
  • Planning Worksheets
  • Introduction Worksheets and Activities
  • Body Paragraph Worksheets and Activities 
  • Conclusion Worksheets and Activities 
  • Answer Keys


Feedback from a teacher: "I love this resource! It is a great way to help your students understand the parts of an essay. I like how the body paragraph practice gives them a strong example, and then has them create their own using text evidence."

FSA Text Based Writing Guided Lessons and Activities | 4th and 5th Grade | Set 2

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