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This culturally responsive teaching resource will help you prepare as we head back to school to plan activities and lessons for culturally responsive teaching in any classroom. It is important to build relationships, a classroom community and to celebrate all the diversity that our classrooms have to offer. Culturally responsive teaching isn't just a one time activity but should be in the forefront of planning lessons throughout the year. You can get to know families and students through interest surveys, writing activities and more. Then use the data sheets and book lists provided to plan literacy lessons around the students cultures and interests. There are plenty of back to school activities and tools included to develop a culturally responsive classroom that will benefit your students throughout the year.



  • Binder Cover to Create a Binder of Resources and Classroom Data
  • Student Interest Survey
  • Parent Survey
  • Book Lists and Book Summaries (to help with Planning)
  • Data Sheets (to help with Planning) 
  • All About Me Poster/STAR Student Poster
  • Writing Prompts (Focused on Getting to Know Students and Families)
  • Blank Writing Pages
  • Bulletin Board Letters and Ideas


Culturally Responsive Teaching | Back to School Teacher Tools and Activities

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