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Are You Getting the Most Out of Using Informational Text In The Classroom: Exposure Is NEEDED

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Informational Text Activities fo Elementary

Informational Text Activities for Elementary

Did you know that the level of understanding students have when reading informational text is much lower than when they read fictional text. There could be different reasons for this such as not having enough background knowledge on the subject or simply a child being disinterested in the topic being read. To help close this gap it is important to provide students with access to nonfiction text for independent reading, as well as informational passages throughout the year.

One thing I have found to really help my students with informational text is teaching them to annotate as they read. This allows them to stop and think about each section. Some students can recall details they have read after reading the entire passage or article, but many students will do better by teaching them to think about what they read after each section.

Informational Text Activities

I like to provide graphic organizers for my students to complete. They can use them with all types of books. When kids are choosing non-fiction text during independent reading allowing them complete a graphic organizer is beneficial. Some kids will just enjoy reading it for pleasure, but others will enjoy it more if they can stop and write about what they are reading. I give my students options based on their learning style. Check out these anchor charts and graphic organizers.

Informational Text Activities

Many times I have been in classrooms where students are being asked to find the main idea which is a great activity but ONLY after you teach a child how to do it properly. I tend to see teachers break down standards and skills with fiction more than non-fiction. It is important to teach a child how to find the main idea of an article by looking at the title, pictures, first sentence, headings, and repeated words. Once students get into the habit of looking at these elements it is much easier for them to develop a main idea and supporting details.

Informational Text Activities

The more you expose students to informational text the better they will get at comprehending what they are reading. This will also help them enjoy it even more. Don‘t shy away from providing students opportunities to explore non-fiction text throughout the year.

Other Resources with Informational Text

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