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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

This post is geared for 4th and 5th grade text-based writing (FSA Writing). Primary teachers I have a blog post coming soon for you! Feel free to share this with Intermediate teachers that might want the tips or FREE lesson plans!

Student Sample of a Planning Sheet

I have taught 4th grade for years. I have always been interested in Primary grades BUT I was stuck because I could teach writing. Teaching writing was also my reason for the love I had teaching 4th grade. I LOVE teaching writing (although, believe it or not, I don’t LOVE to write). When Florida switched from Narrative Writing tests in 4th grade to Text-Based Writing tests I was lost. Yes, I admit when I don’t know what I am doing. I struggled finding resources and became frustrated with teaching writing. Luckily, for my students I research, collaborate with others, learn and adapt quickly. I began to LOVE it once again and developed my own way of planning that the kids found SUPER, SUPER easy.

This was the beginning of my adventure in developing lessons and activities for writing. I got tired of trying to find paired passages and prompts, so the solution was to develop some. I realized my students couldn’t cite text evidence, so the solution was to develop lessons for it. I didn’t have test prep or broken-down lessons for the writing process, so my solution was to…. Yep, develop some. I fell in love with developing writing lessons and coaching teachers through the writing process. My students (and those students I helped) fell in love with learning to write. Win, win! I decided to start sharing my lesson plans with others and some of my teaching methods. To start my sharing process, I am providing these editable writing plans for the ENTIRE year to everyone for FREE. Yes, FREE. They are editable because I know all classrooms are different so you will need to adjust it to fit the needs of your students. These lesson plans will be good for 4th and 5th grade teachers! Disclosure: There are links to paid resources that I created but you can always substitute them with other resources if you wish.

Check out a quick video that walks you through some of the lessons and how to use the lesson plans! You too can learn to love teaching text-based writing!

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Writing 4th and 5th Grade_DailyPlans
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