Goldilocks Conclusions to End it "Just Right"

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Conclusion Paragraphs are your last chance to catch the reader’s attention and it should connect right back to your topic.

4 Simple Elements to Include



*Supporting Reasons

*"Kiss it good-bye” statement or a WOW statement

These four sentences will wrap up any essay just right. Think about conclusions like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You don’t want it too short; you don’t want it too long…make it just right.


Yes, you will have those students that write “the end” and that drives me bonkers. No matter how many times I say don’t write it, I always have a few that continue to do it anyway. How can you break them from the habit? I behave in a crazy manner anytime I see this as an ending. Eventually they stop because they hate how I whine and complain and go bonkers. Don't worry, I don't shame them publicly I just make them laugh and they do what they know they are supposed to do.

A Few Strategies

*Have them draw an arrow on their planning sheet from conclusion to introduction They need to remember it should be very similar.

*Then I teach them movements to remember what is included.

*Another trick I have had to use before is to memorize how to spell one transition that works for a conclusion and they just use that every time they start the paragraph. They love to write “In conclusion” and then they spell it wrong, so we do a lot of practice.

Once the students see conclusions are short and simple but can have a little creativity to leave a lasting impression, they are going to have a just right conclusion EVERY time!

One Last MAJOR Tip….

...don’t skip teaching this lesson! If you figure they have an introduction and good body paragraphs they will score ok, this is the wrong thought process. The conclusion is a paragraph readers/scorers are looking for and is easy to do right. I’d rather my students have a strong introduction, an ok body paragraph, and a strong conclusion rather than leaving the conclusion off altogether.

Watch the video with sample movements for teaching the steps to writing a conclusion paragraph and check out some great resources for extra practice too!

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