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Elementary Love

Updated: May 27, 2020

I am so excited to start blogging about my life in and out of the classroom. I have so many tips, ideas, and resources that I am anxious to share with other teachers! I have been teaching 18 years. I have taught 6th grade, 4th grade, and 3/4 multi-age. Now I am a coach and have worked with kindergarten thru 4th grade teachers daily. My favorite experience was teaching a multi-age class! Many people think I am crazy, but this was the best two years of my teaching experience. It wasn't because of the group I had (but they were awesome), it was how I differentiated my instruction and the results I got from it. My favorite subjects to teach are Math and Writing. I don't know which is my absolute favorite because I look forward to teaching them both everyday. When I think about the blog I am starting I really want to reach teachers' needs so I am always open for suggestions or questions teachers have. I am not an expert on everything but I like to do my research and ask others to find help when teachers need it. I am looking to also have a format where teachers can ask questions and chat through my site too. I hope you like what I share and refer others to join the Teachers helping Teachers community I am trying to create!



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