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Culturally Responsive Teaching: Steps to Have a Culturally Relevant Classroom

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Culturally Relevant teaching

What is culturally responsive teaching? Culturally Responsive Teaching is a pedagogy that recognizes the importance of including students' cultural references in all aspects of learning (Ladson-Billings,1994). It is important for students to be able to relate to what is being taught. Research shows that students are more engaged and successful when they can relate to the content they are learning.

How can you have a culturally responsive classroom? There are a few steps a teacher must take to have a classroom that is culturally relevant.

Get To Know the School Community

  • Visit Restaurants, Community Centers, Parks, Etc.

  • Host A Back-To-School Event and Invite Local Business to Participate

  • Provide Back-To School Haircuts and Other Essentials to Community Families

Get To Know the Families of Your Students

  • Parent Surveys

  • Meet The Teacher Events with Family Time to Get to Know Each Other

  • Make Phone Calls to Homes Prior To School Starting

Get To Know the Students

  • Student Interest Surveys

  • Writing Prompts About Them and Their Families

  • Class Discussions and Games About Student Interests

  • All About ME Posters and Activities

Look At the Data

  • Create Binders with Information About the Students and Families

  • Create Data Sheets About Students’ Cultures and Interests

  • Match Data Sheets with Books That Portray Students’ Cultures and Interests

Culturally Relevant teaching

Book List Only
Download PDF • 30.38MB

Download a book list to help plan lessons that are culturally relevant. This list is a small list fo wonderful books available about different cultures and student identities. For a book list with summaries and other activities to help you plan culturally relevant lessons click here.

Plan Lessons Purposefully All Year

  • Create Lessons That Are Culturally Relevant and Match Students’ Interests Throughout the Year

  • Have A Weekly STAR Student and Learn All About That Student's Culture and Interests

  • Invite Parents in To Read to The Class on A Regular Basis About Their Cultures

  • Invite Parents to Come in And Teach About Their Culture

Culturally Relevant Teaching

The diversity of our world and classrooms are what makes them such wonderful places. We need to celebrate this diversity in the classroom as we allow students to learn about their identities, share their cultures, and appreciate how special everyone is. Not only will the students feel special and appreciated, they will relate to the learning and become more engaged and successful.

Additional Articles, Research, Books, and Resources

Culturally Relevant teaching

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