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Become a V.I.P Teacher with GREAT Classroom Management

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Classroom Management MUST Haves

(These are not in order of importance...they are ALL important!)

Are you looking for a classroom management plan to make you a V.I.P. teacher? Read below to find out about some strategies that might work for you!

1. A Solid Plan- A solid plan should have incentives and consequences that the students KNOW and UNDERSTAND!

2. Consistency- Stay consistent otherwise the students know they don't have to have consistent behavior!

3. Relationships- Build relationships with your students and make sure they know you care. Even the tough ones. The tough ones may need this the most!

4. Restarts- Don't hold grudges and let them restart after you discuss the expectations with them. No matter what, each day should be a fresh start.

5. High Expectations- Don't lower your expectations just because they are a rougher group. ALWAYS have them reach HIGH because they can get there. It may take time BUT they can get there.


Step 1: Start Your Year with a Solid Plan!

There are many different classroom management plans out there so do your research. Each teacher and each class is different. You may even have to try things until you find what works for YOU! My two favorites are described below!

VIP Treatment

My kids work hard to earn VIP tickets. I use this in conjunction with my Classroom Economy (see below). Some years one works better than others and that is my focus, so remember find what works for YOU and your class. I pick two VIPs each day and they do EVERYTHING for me. They are line leaders, pass out papers, run errands, and have special seating. Their special seating is all glammed up and truly makes them feel like a VIP! This makes me their VIP Teacher! Their favorite part is picking the VIP for the next day. In case you missed this note before, make this program work for YOU and YOUR class. I have even had VIPs for a week instead of daily. That year I found that worked BEST for us! Click here for the VIP System I use.

Classroom Economy

I love using a classroom economy because the kids USUALLY get excited earning money to buy supplies or little treats. My currency is called "Hunt Bucks" to go with my name! What could you name yours? The kids earn money for many different things. The element of surprise works best for me. I look for improvement in academics and behavior, hard work, high scores, helping others, etc. They don't get money for everything, just when I FEEL like pulling it out BUT they MUST always work for it. They LOVE shopping in "Hunt's Treasure Chest". Believe me, I don't have a money tree so "Hunt's Treasure Chest" costs next to nothing! All items are donations from parents, bought from the dollar tree or items I can get for FREE!

Consequences: Students can also pay me for not following the rules. For example, if they forget their homework they can pay me $1 or finish it at recess prior to playing. Some people frown upon this but in life we have consequences! This works for find what works for you!. Click here to check out the Classroom Economy I use!


Other ideas that MIGHT help YOU!

  • Whole Brain- I use pieces of this BUT the people who really learn it LOVE it. A quick Google Search will lead you to some videos!

  • Clip Charts- I have used these BUT they aren't my favorite. SOME teachers say they LOVE them, so you may want to check one out!

  • Voice Level Charts- These are similar to CHAMPS. CHAMPS is another program that teachers use for classroom management.

  • The Essential 55 (by Ron Clark)- This is a book that has 55 elements to implement to help with classroom management. (affiliate link)

  • Call and Responses- These are great ways to get your classes attention quickly to make sure you don't lose instructional time. Google it for some great videos.

  • Wireless Doorbells- Ok, so I don't normally jump on the bandwagon BUT I bought a wireless doorbell this year. My kids responded great to it. I had to create a rule that if I rang it more than once they owed me laps at recess. BUT this shows you have to do what works for YOU and your class. (affiliate link)

  • FREE Behavior Chart and Tracking System- There are kids who need a little extra LOVE and as teachers we need to track their behaviors. You can download this free resource to help with these students!

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